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Đọc Truyện The Personal Assistant. - WEBTRUYEN24H.COM

Đọc Truyện The Personal Assistant.

Tác giả: Idecidemyownfate

Thể loại: Truyện Lãng Mạn

Cập nhật: 04-10-2022

Trạng thái: Hoàn thành

786207 lượt thích / 22762758 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-"

Elizabeth shut the TV off, she couldn't bear to listen to this... She had been there when it happened, she did not need it to be repeated.

Elizabeth Waverton had been Mr. McGregor's personal assistant for the last three years. During that time the two of them had gotten close. They became friends, as he was as a father to her.

Ms. Waverton was seen by many as one of the best personal assistants that there was. Most didn't last long at the McGregor's, but Ms. Waverton did.

She was known for making anything possible, having connections all over town and anywhere you can imagine.

But now that her former boss and friend is dead the company will be taken over by James McGregor jr. the son of her boss.

Elizabeth had never quite taken a liking to this man, but he however has taken an interest in her...