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Đọc Truyện Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon emperor. ( High School DxD X OC/Male Reader) Revise  - WEBTRUYEN24H.COM

Đọc Truyện Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon emperor. ( High School DxD X OC/Male Reader) Revise

Tác giả: zer0420

Thể loại: Truyện Hành Động

Cập nhật: 27-10-2022

Trạng thái: Đang cập nhật

1362 lượt thích / 92001 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

Nhazul and his younger sister Yui were both orphaned at a young age. But due to constant abuse and neglect they received, it made Nhazul lose trust in people and the idea of being in a family. But after they are taken in by the first kind person they ever met, Nhazul thought he could finally be a part of a family. But what will happen when that person betrays his trust. And he is taken in by a certain Red haired devil.

(This is a rewrite of my original story from before, note, this isn't a complete rewrite, the original story will stay the same, but there will some be new elements added in, as well as overall improvements)

Danh Sách chương

Prolouge Family

Chapter 1 Would You Die For Me?

Chapter 2 Dream Or Reality

Chapter 3 New Devil Pt 1

Chapter 4 New Devil Pt 2

Chapter 5 A Family Broken

Chapter 6 Training

Chapter 7 Battle For The Familiars

Chapter 8 Incoming Phoenix

Chapter 9 10 Day Training

Chapter 10 Rating Game

(Season 1 Finale) Chapter 11 Dragon Vs Phoenix

OVA# 1 Boob Chimera

OVA# 2 The Pharaoh's Trials

OVA# 3 Opposite Day

OVA# 4 Sona's Special Udon...

Chapter 12 Not Focused

Chapter 13 Friendly Reunion

Chapter 14 Church Alliance

Chapter 15 Punishment

Chapter 16 Battle at Kuoh Academy

Chapter 17 New Knights

Chapter 18 Fun At The Pool

Chaptet 19 Parent Day

Chapter 20 The Sealed Bishop

Chapter 21 Of Love And Hatred

Chapter 22 Three Faction Summit

(Season 2 Finale) Chapter 23 Clash Of The Heavenly Dragons

OVA#5 The Perverted Sage

Chapter 24 Dragon Ambush

Chapter 25 The Nekomata Sisters

Chapter 26 The Battle For Ragnarok Pt 1

Chapter 27 The Battle For Ragnarok pt 2

Chapter 28 Welcome Party

Chapter 29 Persistences

Chapter 30 Gremory Vs Beelzebub

Chapter 31 The Dragon Of Annihilation

Chapter 32 A Burden...

(Season 3 Finale) Chapter 33 ...No Longer

OVA#6 Boochutsu

OVA#7 A Magical Girl's Confession

OVA#8 Gaining Fortitude

Chapter 34 The Strongest Young Devil

Chapter 35 Kyoto Trip

Chapter 36 Misunderstanding

Chapter 37 Hero Faction

Chapter 38 Battle At Nijo Castle

Chapter 39 Faux Evolution

Chapter 40 Shadow Hero And Boob Dragons

Chapter 41 Healing Old Scars

Chapter 42 Gremory Vs Bael

Chapter 43 The Will Of Kings

Chapter 44 The Clash Of Conquerers

(Season 4 Finale) Chapter 45 A Family Reunited

OVA#9 Koneko

OVA#10 Akeno

OVA#11 Xenovia

OVA#12 Sona

OVA#13 Ravel

OVA#14 Lint

DxD Nhazul Bio

A bit triggered and confused