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Đọc Truyện Just Like the Movies - WEBTRUYEN24H.COM

Đọc Truyện Just Like the Movies

Tác giả: JordanLynde

Thể loại: Truyện Lãng Mạn

Cập nhật: 30-09-2022

Trạng thái: Đang cập nhật

44904 lượt thích / 829046 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

Maisie Knowles has hidden her identity and lies to everyone she knows to follow her dreams of becoming a successful author, but when she meets Theo Park, the actor playing the male lead in the movie based on her book, all the secrets she hid so well become threatened.

To keep her identity hidden, she makes up a lie that she is Theo's girlfriend, and to her surprise, Theo agrees to the fake relationship, having secrets of his own.

But keeping her identity a secret isn't Maisie's only problem. On the set of her movie, she realizes being a creator, especially a female one, brings a new set of challenges.


Tbh, I don't know exactly what this book is about yet, so I'll update this later. LOL. I swear it'll be interesting...?

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