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Đọc Truyện Guide On How To Sleep - WEBTRUYEN24H.COM

Đọc Truyện Guide On How To Sleep

Tác giả: Kessho_Yuki

Thể loại: Truyện Lãng Mạn

Cập nhật: 23-04-2022

Trạng thái: Đang cập nhật

33707 lượt thích / 565042 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

Alternative title : 入睡指南
Author : Ka Biqiu

Ning Yiwei is a genius at physics, and knew the dominant CEO Liang Chong since they were little. They grew up together and Liang Chong slowly started to fall for Ning Yiwei, but Ning Yiwei is not smart when it comes to love. He deepy relies on Liang Chong, yet never thought about why. Liang Chong has always been controlling his emotions, and make sure that Ning Yiwei has a peaceful and safe life. But then, Ning Yiwei and tutor's son get entangled and Ning Yiwei's origins start to appear. During this time, he also starts to realize that he has special feelings towards Liang Chong... +