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Đọc Truyện Dawn of the Epoch

Tác giả: RugbySpurs

Thể loại: Truyện Hành Động

Cập nhật: 28-06-2021

Trạng thái: Hoàn thành

32150 lượt thích / 327303 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted to their work. Neither of them had time for love. Neither of them could resist it when it happened. Neither of them knew that the world would need the two of them to save it from a tyrannical pre-historic overlord, his cyborg vampire paramour, and their army of mindless drudges.

Dawn of the Epoch is an epic science fiction novel about dark matter, death rays, nuclear warfare, and the Large Hadron Collider, but it is also a fantasy novel about medieval warriors, alchemy, and ancient gods. Dawn of the Epoch blends fantasy with reality, bringing mythology to life today. It is also an apocalyptic thriller spanning the globe from the Pyramids of Egypt to the heart of Africa to the majesty of the Himalayas. It is an epic hybrid-genre story with intense action sequences, magic, mythology, suspenseful plot twists, countless obstacles for the protagonists to overcome, and an utterly Machiavellian supernatural villain.


"Probably one of my favorite books I've read to date. Brilliantly complex, adoringly rendered and quizzically intense. A must read and one I plan to revisit, and share!"

- Amgwatts, Wattpad Reader

"This has to be one of the most original and well written novels I have had the pleasure to read, on Wattpad and in general. It was captivating, interesting, immersive and above all, fantastic. I was left in awe of the beings, history and world you created. It was never dull, dry or predicable and it was a nice change from what seems to be the ever popular teen romance with vampires or werewolves or 'bad boys that are actually romantic good boys.' In the end it was a very pleasant surprise."

-IridescentLies, Wattpad Reader

Danh Sách chương


Chapter II - Inception

Chapter III - Inaugural Tunnel Boring

Chapter IV - Stumbling in the Dark

Chapter V - Illumination

Chapter VI - Hongo's Story

Chapter VII - A Perambulatory Inspection of the Area

Chapter VIII - Danger in the Deep

Chapter IX - Treasure Trove

Chapter X - Hunter's Obsession

Chapter XI - Clues and Riddles

Chapter XII - Reckless Desperation

Chapter XIII - Waking the Dahjaat

Chapter XIV - Rise of the Dahjaat

Chapter XV - The Not-So-Great-Escape

Chapter XVI - Awakening

Chapter XVII - Hunter's Childhood

Chapter XVIII - Results from the Lab

Chapter XIX - Meanwhile, in the Congo...

Chapter XX - Oracle Lake

Chapter XXI - Shenouda's Leg

Chapter XXII - Shambhala

Chapter XXIII - Shenouda

Chapter XXIV - Valhalla

Chapter XXV - Secrets of the Aldenduenum

Chapter XXVI - Back at the Eremitic Monastery...

Chapter XXVII - Passing the Torch

Chapter XXVIII - Coffee and Eggs

Chapter XXIX - The Rise

Chapter XXX - Virgil

Chapter XXXI - The Hunger

Chapter XXXII - Training Day

Chapter XXXIII - Nefarious Conspirators

Chapter XXXIV - Enter the Dahjaat

Chapter XXXV - The Pirate Code

Chapter XXXVI - Behind the Wizard's Curtain

Chapter XXXVII - Shenouda's Adaptation

Chapter XXXVIII - Time of the Essence

Chapter XXXIX - The Laboratory

Chapter XL - Breaking News!

Chapter XLI - Eloping

Chapter XLII - Showdown in the Slum

Chapter XLIII - Midnight Rendezvous

Chapter XLIV - Avarice

Chapter XLV - The Infectious Disease Doctor

Chapter XLVI - A Kindred Spirit?

Chapter XLVII - Ghaelvord's Return

Chapter XLVIII - Identity Theft

Chapter XLIX - Scuttlebutt

Chapter L - Spilling the Beans

Chapter LI - In Limine

Chapter LII - Game Plan

Chapter LIII - The Reunion

Chapter LIV - Shopping Spree

Chapter LV - Evening

Chapter LVI - The Lion's Den

Chapter LVII - Reconnaissance

Chapter LVIII - Guerilla Warfare

Chapter LIX - The Best Laid Schemes...

Chapter LX - Hostage Negotiations

Chapter LXI - An Imperial Audience

Chapter LXII - The Missing Member of the Quartet

Chapter LXIII - Reversals of Fortunes

Chapter LXIV - Kiubo Falls

Chapter LXV - Suez

Chapter LXVI - The Salutation

Chapter LXVII - Vigilante

Chapter LXVIII - Vito's Story

Chapter LXIX - Kebaac

Chapter LXX - Intrigue

Chapter LXXI - The Siege Begins

Chapter LXXII - The Investigation Continues

CHapter LXXIII - The Cuneesi Hikers

Chapter LXXIV - The Listless Shopkeep

Chapter LXXV - The Coastal Occupation

Chapter LXXVI - Cryptic Cave

Chapter LXXVII - The War Ravages On

Chapter LXXVIII - Phrygian Legend

Chapter LXXIX - Fulmination

Chapter LXXX - Another Excavation?

Chapter LXXXI - New Leadership

Chapter LXXXII - A Different Drill

Chapter LXXXIII - Turning the Tide

Chapter LXXXIV - The Coverup

Chapter LXXXV - The War Room

Chapter LXXXVI - Anticipation

Chapter LXXXVII - Gameplan

Chapter LXXXVIII - The Refugees

Chapter LXXXIX - The Battle of Parma and the Turning Tide

Chapter XC - The Apennine Pass

Chapter XCI - The Titanomachy

Chapter XCII - Maddalena Pass

Chapter XCIII - Dinner and Discussion

Chapter XCIV - Investigating the Aftermath

Chapter XCV - Particle Collisions and the Dahjaat

Chapter XCVI - To Err

Chapter XCVII - The Epoch Begins?

Chapter XCVIII - Sacrifice

Chapter XCIX - Aftermath

Chapter C - Epilogue