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Đọc Truyện Babysitting The Bad Boy - WEBTRUYEN24H.COM

Đọc Truyện Babysitting The Bad Boy

Tác giả: exxxyR

Thể loại: Tiểu Thuyết Teen

Cập nhật: 15-08-2021

Trạng thái: Hoàn thành

1353 lượt thích / 35977 lượt đọc
Đọc Truyện

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"You better not tell anyone about this."

"Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would love to know that their precious prince charming needs a babysitter." I smile innocently back at his death glare.

"I'm serious, nerd. I could make your life hell."


Marnie Jones is an ordinary 11th grader. Her only intentions are to get good grades and save money for college with her babysitting job. Everything is going to plan. Until she gets a job babysitting the high school bad boy, Zeke Blakely.

The two come from complete different social groups, and Marnie automatically hates Zeke and his big ego and cocky attitude.

He's a player. He's dangerous. He's reckless.

She's safe with an overthinking problem.

As the two are seen hanging around school together, attention gets drawn to Marnie. Which she hates. But she also catches the eye of a handsome jock, too.

And why, you ask, does a 17 year old boy need a babysitter?

You'll have to read to find out.

WARNING: contains vulgar language and mature scenes.